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Christine E.

Talented Artist

My Talents

Just like my taste in music, my talents extend beyond just one form of art. I love work in all varieties of artistic mediums, but here is where I really shine:


From airbrush to pastels, I'm familiar with all methods of drawing applications. Canvas is my "go-to" base, but I'll draw on anything you need!


By working with various application software, I can deliver unique designs. These projects give me a chance to show off my Graphic Design chops.


Whether you need a ceramic figurine or a one-of-a-kind tableware gift, there are several ways that I can bring you ideas to life!

My Process

To achieve artistic perfection, I follow a process that both gives the client a clear idea of time management for a project and maximizes the efficiency of my time.


This is where I get to know the client and their needs for the project. This also includes gathering needed materials and mediums for the project. Preparation is key!


Typically during the design process, I gather inspiration for the style and look of the project. I then create mutliple basic draw ups to give the client an idea of the its theme. From there, we make a choice on which theme or concept to follow.


For development of a project, all details and designs are then completed until the client is satisfied with the final product!


I have done countless projects that show my artistic talent, but here are a prized few:

The Anxious Heart

MoMA Foliage

Chess Poster

Pattern Mosque

The Positive Type

Conceptual Religion


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